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Patch Quarkus Gradle Like a Pro With Renovate

Posted on Feb 10 3min read intermediate

TLDR: Renovate cannot automatically update Quarkus gradle plugin dependencies for projects created via Quarkus CLI. The explanation to the version not tracked is relatively simple ...Renovate cannot resolve the packageName and datasource.

Problem Recap (Original Guide for Micronaut)

As covered in detail in the first post of this series Renovate cannot resolve the packageName and datasource from the file.

Updating Quarkus

Similar to Micronaut, Quarkus comes with its own Gradle Plugin and CLI to provide an optimal developer experience.

Renovate seems to be able to resolve, track, and update the Quarkus Platform version for Gradle Kotlin DSL projects created via CLI just fine. But the quarkus plugin version is not detected.



To avoid duplicate content, for more details on this solution, please read the previous post of this series.

One way to extend and customise Renovate is through customManagers.

By adding our own regex manager, we can tell Renovate how to update the Quarkus plugin. We define the datasource, registryUrl, depName, depType, and packageName for all */ files of your project, that contains a line of text like quarkusPluginVersion=x.y.z, matched by a regular expression.

This customManager is to be added to the renovate.json in your project:

  "customManagers": [
      "customType": "regex",
      "datasourceTemplate": "maven",
      "registryUrlTemplate": "",
      "depNameTemplate": "io.quarkus",
      "depTypeTemplate": "plugin",
      "packageNameTemplate": "io.quarkus:io.quarkus.gradle.plugin",
      "fileMatch": ["(^|/)gradle\\.properties"],
      "matchStrings": [

=> Et Voil脿!


Again, here's a starter project, originally created via 'CLI', with Renovate enabled:

The project is automatically kept up-to-date for minor and patch version updates, with automerge enabled.

Footnote: This blog post was written to work with Quarkus 3.7.x and Gradle 8.


If you're a maintainer or contributor to Open-Source Java libraries, take a look at thriving-dev/java-library-template introduced in September 2023. It ships with a ready to use renovate.json and setup guide.

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