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Weekly Digest · 2023 CW 8 + CW 9

Posted on Mar 13, 2023 · 3min read

This bi-weekly is rather short, I've personally been busy with planning and organising my move.

Future Prospects

  • Check out this year's ScyllaDB Summit Keynote by Dor Laor.
    I'm excited on all the new features planned for ScyllaDB, in particular what's lined up for serverless, tablets, S3 storage option (much cheaper for high volume, low throughput), point-in-time recovery, free disaster recovery backup.
  • This JEP proposes to finalize Virtual Threads in JDK 21!
    (after 2 rounds of previews & feedback in JDK 19/20)

Interesting Posts

  • Interesting >> thread << on the official release of by
    "Rspack is a Rust-based JavaScript bundler developed by the ByteDance Web Infra team that has features including high-performance, webpack interoperability, flexible configuration etc."

Released this Week

  • Deno 1.31 which drops package.json support!! (...among other improvements)
  • Astro 2.1 featuring build-in image support, markdown integration, and inferred types for dynamic routes
  • Elk v0.7.5 which includes my first contribution (!) delivering the functionality of basic keyboard shortcuts. I'm thinking about writing a blog post on the how and key challenges once more shortcuts have been completed.
  • Excalidraw is a whiteboard tool that lets you easily sketch diagrams that have a hand-drawn feel to them. If you still haven't head of it, give it a try!!! It's super easy to pick up, also you can sketch very fast using the keyboard shortcuts provided.
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